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Street Café are and Australian and International Live Music Performing Entertainment Act. They have always been acknowledged for superb vocals and unrivaled musical production. Lisa Stewart, vocalist and saxophonist for Street Café, is known for her outstanding vocal ability. Her consistency in live performance and ability to entertain a wide variety of audiences has set standards and gained her respect from the industry and audiences alike. Combined with a magnetic personality, Lisa gives this band a leading edge. Alan Laguda, keyboard player and musical director for Street Café with the aid of "state of the art" computer technology is the musical drive force. His highly skilled musical production and programming knowledge has gained recognition Australasia wide. Superb musical production spearheaded by exceptional vocals and harmonies make up Street Café.




Street Café originally a Melbourne based band have entertained in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and The Gold Coast’s Clubs and Venues for over 20 years. Their versatility and variety of genres allows them to suit most venues and situations. Street Café’ are always constantly booked

throughout Clubs, Pubs, Corporate Functions and 5 Star Venues along with performance at some of Australia’s largest corporate affairs such as The Australian Grand Prix, The Gold Coast Indy, The Australian Tennis Open and a host of Interstate performances in Casino’s and Country Clubs.




International Venues have been a part of Street Café’ venues for many years they have performed in mainly 5 Star Hotels in Dubai, Central Asia, China, Europe and USA. They have performed for the English Prime Minister David Cameron and former PM Tony Blair, The Kazakhstan President, The Italian Prime Minister, Australian, European, Russian and South American International Ambassadors.