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Street Cafe' started in 1985. Gabrielle Parbo and Alan Laguda were the founders of the band which at that time was the first duo (two piece band) to become a major player in the Melbourne entertainment industry. With the best that 1985 Music Computer Technology had to offer, along with a great sound and lighting production run by Ken Cropp, Street Cafe' was making an impact at band venues. In 1988 Alan moved to Perth Western Australia and with a new line up consisting of a very young Joe Beth Taylor and Simon Le'Fierve along with crew guys Chris Freeman and Ben Rogan had Street Cafe' consistently working the best venues. Two years later back in Melbourne a new line up introduced Lisa Stewart and Liz McKittric.

After 2 very strong years Alan moved back to Perth and with a new line up consisting of 2 new Female vocalists Joanne Brown and Merlene had Street café’ playing the Best Venues in Town. One Year Later a new line up introduced Sue Chinnery and Dianne Count. Sue and Dianne were well known entertainers in Perth and this combination was by no doubt the strongest line up to this point. For the next year or so Street café’ dominated the club and Pub circuit.

In 1992 a new line up in Melbourne, reuniting with Lisa Stewart and Liz McKittric once again became am integral part of the Melbourne Entertainment circuit. Alan Laguda and Lisa Stewart had also become partners in life and love at this point. Over the next few years a few new introductions saw Laurine Jones a very dynamic female vocalist from Perth followed by Jess Marsden one of the most talented male vocalists in Australia. In 1994 Frank Cano a talented guitar player vocalist joined Street Café’ and became a permanent member for the next 4 years.

This was a dynamic combination.


From 1999 Street Café’ as a duo moved between The Gold Coast and Melbourne 3 times.

After a 3 month stint in Shanghai China and 3 months in Dubai, Street Café’ are now based on the Gold Coast and is one of the Coasts leading acts.


Past and Present Members


Gabrielle Pabo, Alan Laguda Melbourne 1985 - 1988  
Joe Beth Taylor, Simon Le'Fievre, Alan Laguda  -  Perth and Melbourne - 1988 - 89

Lisa Stewart , Liz McKittric, Alan Laguda Melbourne - 1989 - 90

Joanne Brown, Merlene, Alan Laguda  Perth  - 1990

Sue Chinnery, Dianne Count, Alan Laguda Perth -  1990 - 91
Lisa Stewart, Alan Laguda Perth - 1991

Lisa Stewart, Liz McKittric, Alan Laguda Melbourne - 1992

Lisa Stewart , Laurine Jones, Alan Laguda Melbourne - 1992 - 93

Lisa Stewart, Jess Marsden, Alan Laguda Melbourne - 1993 - 94

Lisa Stewart, John Elsdon, Alan Laguda Melbourne - 1994 -1995

Lisa Stewart, Frank Cano, Alan Laguda Melbourne - 1995 - 1998

Lisa Stewart, Alan Laguda Melbourne and the Gold Coast 1998 - 2005

Lisa Stewart, Alan Laguda, Les Woodford Gold Coast 2005 - 2014